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Hello and Welcome!

We are Inesh, Ishaan, and Iresh Shenoy, and together we are known as the #iThree. We live in Bangalore with our parents and we love playing games, reading books, and of course, watching movies. 

The iThree making faces

Even if we are brothers (and two of us are twins), we can be very similar or very different in our likes and dislikes. Looking for a veggie-loving boy or a carnivore? We can be both among the three of us! 

This is our very own corner of the internet where we will share our thoughts about our wonderful world. It may be about books, movies, or even toys! We hope you find it interesting. 

Send us your thoughts too. It will be more fun that way.

See you soon.

 IThree and Co. 


We are Inesh, Ishaan & Iresh, popularly known as the #iThree.

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