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Who Let Nonu Out? – By Anita Nair

A book review by Iresh Shenoy

Hi! My name is Iresh Shenoy and I am seven-years-old. Today I am going to write about the book ‘Who Let Nonu Out’. This book is written by Anita Nair. 

Listen to the book review directly from Iresh

What I know about Anita Nair is that she has written at least two books: ‘Who Let Nonu Out’ and ‘Living Next Door To Alise’. I have read both of these books and I liked both of them.

Iresh poses with his latest two reads: books by Anita Nair

Today I am writing about ‘Who Let Nonu Out’, which is a story of a baby squirrel named Nonu. I will write about the other book another day. Nonu lives with his family and the story starts with him being sick in bed. 

Nonu wants to see the world. One day he comes out of his house and then he gets lost from his family. This book is about his adventures in trying to get back to his home and family. As I was reading this book, I was worried if Nonu will be able to get back or will he die, eaten by a lion or killed by a dog. 

At one time, I was so scared that I asked my father, “Baba, will Nonu die or will he go home?” I am so happy I read this book, from start to end. I think you should read this book, because it is very interesting and while you are reading you may be scared too. It is fun. 

Let me know if you have read this or any other book by Anita Nair.  I want to hear from you.

See you soon!


Iresh is the youngest of the iThree and loves troubling his brothers more than anything. At other times, this Captain America fan can be caught playing computer games or binging animated shows on television.

16 thoughts on “Who Let Nonu Out? – By Anita Nair

  1. Really loved your review on the book Iresh. I have not read this book in my childhood but reading your review makes me want to know what happens to Nonu and if he reunites with his family again. I am surely going to read hoping he does meet his family. Im eagerly looking forward to seeing many more reviews by iThree!!!

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  2. Awesome Iresh. Interested to read this book now and curious about the adventures of nonu. I hope he reunites with his family and everything is good and no one worries about nonu again. Keep it up dear Iresh.

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  3. Wow! Iresh Awesome review. Reading your review, I am interested in reading the book. Thank you for reintroduced me to Anita Nair. I just knew that she is a celebrated author.

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