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The Graveyard Book – by Neil Gaiman

A book review by Inesh Shenoy

My name is Inesh Shenoy and I am nine-years-old. Today I am going to write about The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Listen to the book review directly from Inesh Shenoy

This book was given to us by my father. It came in a box-set of three books by Neil Gaiman, which were:

  • The Graveyard Book
  • Fortunately The Milk, and
  • Coraline

All these three books are illustrated by Chris Riddell, whose drawings make the stories come to life. 

Inesh Shenoy of #iThree and Co poses with the box set of three Neil Gaiman books
Inesh looks at his happiest with Neil Gaiman’s books!

I like Neil Gaiman because whenever he writes a book it has out-of-the-world imagination. I have also read the other two books mentioned above, and I will write about them some other day. 

The Graveyard Book is about a boy named Nobody Owens, who is known as Bod. Bod is an orphan and is raised in a graveyard. 

This story is an adventure where Bod faces danger from a man named Jack. Jack has already killed Bod’s family and is now trying to kill Bod. Why is Jack trying to kill Bod is the main secret in this book. And it is rather shocking too!

My favourite part is when Bod’s guardian Silas saves him from going to jail. I like Bod so much that I did not want him to get hurt or die, because every time he is down and defeated, he gets back up and fights. 

Join Bod in his adventure with ghosts, and learn how he deals with Jack. I hope you read this book because it is filled with mystery and suspense. If you read it let me know how it was for you. 

See you soon. 


Inesh Shenoy is one of the iThree and enjoys performing magic. He loves books, movies, and generally spending time in the company of his brothers. You can learn more about Inesh and the iThree at

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  1. Your skill of reviewing a book is well reflected in your narration, expression and presentation. Your critical thinking is praiseworthy. Sincerely pursue the same and shine in life.

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