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Fortunately The Milk – by Neil Gaiman

A book review by Ishaan Shenoy

Hello! My name is Ishaan Shenoy and I am nine-years-old. Today I am going to review Neil Gaiman’s ‘Fortunately The Milk’. It is about a family who wake up one day to realise that they are out of milk. The father steps out to get some milk and does not return for a very long time. 

Listen to the review directly from Ishaan Shenoy

The kids wait and wait for their father to come back with the milk so that they can have their cereals. As they wait, they get bored and start to play one game after another. Finally, the father comes back after what has been a very very long time, and tells them a big, long story about why he was delayed. 

Ishaan remembers just how funny the book is!

His story has everything from time travel to flying machines to aliens to dinosaurs! Fortunately, he saves the milk packet every time, and also claims to have saved the world! Is he telling the truth or just telling a long tale to hide the real reason why he was late in getting milk for the kids? 

This book came to us in a box-set of three books by Neil Gaiman, and also had ‘The Graveyard Book’ and ‘Coraline’ in it. All these books have been illustrated by Chris Riddell. The drawings are really nice and make the book more funny. My twin Inesh has already reviewed ‘The Graveyard Book’ and I hope that you have read it. 

What I like most about Neil Gaiman is that his books are always filled with great imagination. I think you should read this book because it is filled with lots of action and laughs. My favourite part in this book is when the father meets the brilliant Doctor Steg, who is a dinosaur scientist and has created a time machine! 

My brother Inesh has also read this book, and this is what he says: 

My favourite part is when the father escapes from the green globby aliens. I like this book because of all the time travelling and the jokes. I think you should read this book because it is funny, wacky and awesome. Or as ‘The Bad Guys’ would say, “Back-Flipping Awesome”!

Inesh Shenoy (@i3andcoblr)

I agree with Inesh! Fortunately The Milk is most funny and gives us a lot of laughs. I wonder if the story is really of Neil Gaiman himself, and that makes it even more funny! I think you will enjoy the book a lot. I know I did! 

If you have read this book or any other book by Neil Gaiman, tell me what you think of them. I want to hear from you.

See you soon! 


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One thought on “Fortunately The Milk – by Neil Gaiman

  1. B.P.Dey. Ishaan, your presentation of the topic by Neil Gaiman speaks volume about your confidence with marked improvement. Inesh’s contribution has further added impact to your effort. Well done.


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