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Living Next Door To Alise – by Anita Nair

A book review by Iresh Shenoy

Hello! My name is Iresh Shenoy and I am seven-years-old. Today I am writing about ‘Living Next Door to Alise’ by Anita Nair. 

Listen to the review directly from Iresh

A few days back, I had reviewed Anita Nair’s other book ‘Who Let Nonu Out’. I really liked that book. I hope you read that review and also read the Nonu book. 

‘Living Next Door To Alise’ is about a boy who is nine-years-old. His name is Siddharth. Siddharth finds an elephant living next to his house and then the elephant starts to talk to him! The elephant tells Siddharth that her name is Alise and soon they become best friends. 

Iresh shows off his two Anita Nair books, which he hopes to get signed from her soon!

Alise is very intelligent and very good at maths! She knows so many things and wants to learn more things. So one day she follows Siddharth and goes to his school! 

The way Alise shocks everybody at Siddharth’s school is very funny. I was laughing very much when I read how the teachers and students reacted to Alise talking and peeping from the window! 

Another funny thing is when Alise joins Siddharth at a house party and finishes all the food! That food was for all the guests and Alise finishes all of it! Right after that, they run into the forest and get lost. Can they get out and come back home?

My favourite part in the book was when Alise and Siddharth find lots of wild elephants in the nearby forest. The drawing in the book showing lots of elephants in the forest. This made me feel very very happy.

But there was a Bearded Bandit in the forest. He wanted to kill all the elephants for their ivory tusks! Siddharth and Alise wanted to help the wild elephants and catch the Bearded Bandit. 

Can Siddharth and Alise fight and defeat the Bearded Bandit? Will they be able to come back home? Or will they get trapped by the Bearded Bandit? You need to read the book to find out.

I liked reading this book by Anita Nair as it was very funny and interesting. It also shows friendship is important. It made me read one page after another, and I finished the book very quickly! I hope you read it and have fun. 

Have you read this book or any other book by Anita Nair? If you like some other book let me know. I would like to read it too. 

See you soon! 


Iresh is the youngest of the iThree and loves troubling his brothers more than anything. At other times, this Captain America fan can be caught playing computer games or binging animated shows on television.

One thought on “Living Next Door To Alise – by Anita Nair

  1. Hello Iresh, very exciting story of Living Next Door. Could Siddharth save the elephants? Ivory tusker is treasure of our forest, we must protect our elephants. Keep reading more books. Love.


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