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Minecraft – The Game

(A game review by Iresh Shenoy)

Hello! My name is Iresh. Today I am going to review a game called Minecraft. The game is a pixelated video game, created by Mojang. 

Listen to the Minecraft Game review directly from Iresh Shenoy

Minecraft is about surviving nights with monsters spawning, like spiders, zombies, witches, skeletons, creepers. Monsters spawn at night. Animals spawn during morning and night. You can kill the animals for food. 

Minecraft: The Game

In Minecraft, you have to mine resources and craft new items. You can craft new things if you go mining, because if you go mining you will get stone, coal, iron, gold, and diamonds. You can craft torches with coal, you can craft armour with leather, iron, gold, diamond. You can also craft tools with them. 

My favourite thing in the game is that there are achievements. Achievements are like missions. For example, “bee are guest”. When you find a bee hive, you can put a campfire below and take their honey with bottles. That is why it is called “Bee are guest”. 

Iresh is showing off his minecraft shirt and the game website.

I like playing Minecraft a lot. It is very fun building houses, getting resources, fighting monsters. You should download this game because I think you will have lot of fun: building portals, houses, machines, getting achievements, and fighting. 

There is a special portal called the stronghold. If you find it and go through, there will be a dragon. Try to defeat it. I killed the dragon, but it killed me hundreds or thousands of times. It is fun playing. 

Bye! See you soon.


Iresh is the youngest of the iThree and loves troubling his brothers more than anything. At other times, this Captain America fan can be caught playing computer games or binging animated shows on television.

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