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The Bad Guys – by Aaron Blabey

A book review by Iresh Shenoy

Hello! My name is Iresh Shenoy and I am seven-years-old. Today I am writing about The Bad Guys series. The Bad Guys books are written by Aaron Blabey and published by Scholastic. It has lots of jokes in it and it makes me laugh very loudly!

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What I know is that The Bad Guys series has at least eight books already, and I have read seven of them. I really like reading these books because they are really funny and very interesting for me.  I just can’t stop laughing when I read these stories.

Iresh is seen laughing loudly in joy while reading a book!
Iresh captured in a most happy moment, while reading one of The Bad Guys book!

The Bad Guys books are about the adventures of a Wolf, a Shark, a Snake, a Piranha and a Spider. They are real bad guys. They want to be good guys and help people. They try to be good guys, but everyone knows them as bad guys and are very scared of them. 

Iresh shows off his collection of The Bad Guys

Every time they try to help others, things go very wrong. The stories are really funny. Most times they are fighting with each other. Sometimes they are even trying to eat each other! 

Can The Bad Guys really become good guys and save the world? You need to read the books to find out! I really hope you read these books and have fun with them. I am now looking forward to reading book #8. 

If you have read any of The Bad Guys books, let me know what you think of these books. If you like some other book very much, please tell me. I would like to read it too.

See you soon!