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Becoming Super-Heroes!

We love Comic Con! We have been going to Comic Con Bangalore right from the start. The first time we just went to see and meet the different comic book characters. We had a lot of fun.

Listen to this story directly from Ishaan

Then our dear Peter-maama and Claudia-maami surprised us by sending a set of superhero costumes from Scotland! This helped us to be Hulk, Spiderman, and Captain America.

And that is how we have gone to Comic Con for the last few years! The first time, it was just the two of us – Inesh and Ishaan. We went dressed as Captain America and Hulk. It was 2014 and Iresh was less than 3 years old!

Inesh & Ishaan turn into Captain America & The Hulk

But all the fun really started in 2015 when Iresh took over his favourite character, Captain America. With a broken arm too!

Young Iresh makes his first appearance as Cap’n America!

Now SO MANY PEOPLE wanted to take photographs with him! It was like everybody wanted to take photographs with him and us! We were even featured on the Comic Con Facebook Page and also in a news article on! We went this year too!

Iresh and Inesh and Captain & Hulk make the Comic Con Official FB Page! (2015)

That time, a comics stall owner gifted Iresh the Captain’s Shield! This time, Iresh was gifted a signed portrait of the Captain by the artist Eugene Joseph (@genesjournal)!! He really has the best time among all of us! Sometimes we are jealous of him. Very jealous!

A happy Iresh poses with Eugene Joseph and his amazing gift!

Anyway, we have fun too as a lot of big people and other cosplay characters pose for photos with us. Here are some of our favourite photos from this year’s Comic Con Bangalore.

After all that fun, we are now waiting for Captain Marvel to launch. The movie is coming on March 8th and that is only a few weeks away!

We can’t wait to watch it! We are also hoping that @StarMoviesIndia will invite us for a #StarMoviesSecretScreening and give us a chance to see Captain Marvel before everybody else in the world!

After all, we are #SecretKeepers too!