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Stories of Wizards and Witches by Enid Blyton

— A Book Review by Inesh Shenoy 

I recently read a book called ‘Stories of Wizards and Witches’. This book consists of many many stories of magic and fantasy. It is an absolutely fabulous book. It is a story collection written by Enid Blyton. 

Enid Blyton was an English, children’s writer who lived between 1897 and 1968. She wrote over 700 books and they have been translated into 90 languages. The most famous among those books are the Adventures of Noddy, Adventures of the Wishing Chair, the Secret Seven, the Famous Five, and the Five Find-Outers. She won numerous awards and is regarded as one of the best authors ever. 

Inesh Shenoy of i3andCo showing off his copy of Stories of Wizards & Witches
Inesh Shenoy of i3andCo showing off his copy of Stories of Wizards & Witches

The Stories of Wizards and Witches has all sorts of magical creatures from fairies and unicorns, to wizards and witches, to pixie cats and elves. I remember our dad reading at least one story before putting us to bed every night when we were little. Since then, I have read this book again and again. Most of the stories also teach morals and good behaviour. 

The best part is that there are 25 stories in this book. And they are all about magical characters. I love anything that has to do with magic. There are also many illustrations all across the book by Mark Beech. This book is a wonderful book for bed-time stories. 

One of my favourite stories is The Strange Umbrella. It is about Tip Tap, a pixie who would always borrow others things, but never return them. Over time no one liked this and stopped lending their things to Tip Tap. One day he was going around asking for an umbrella, and of course everybody refused to lend him one. He asked Dame Trips if she would lend him her umbrella. When Trips told Tap she didn’t have one, he stole the umbrella that he found in her backyard. And then a lot of mishaps followed since the umbrella actually belonged to a mighty wizard. Read the book to find out what happens next, and many other stories! 

Enid Blyton’s writing is very fluent and in good English. It always transports you to a land of magic and wonder, and makes your imagination run wild. I hope you read this book and enjoy it as much as I do. 

Please tell us if you read this or other books by Enid Blyton. We love hearing from you. Stay safe, stay well. And keep reading. 

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Minecraft – The Game

(A game review by Iresh Shenoy)

Hello! My name is Iresh. Today I am going to review a game called Minecraft. The game is a pixelated video game, created by Mojang. 

Listen to the Minecraft Game review directly from Iresh Shenoy

Minecraft is about surviving nights with monsters spawning, like spiders, zombies, witches, skeletons, creepers. Monsters spawn at night. Animals spawn during morning and night. You can kill the animals for food. 

Minecraft: The Game

In Minecraft, you have to mine resources and craft new items. You can craft new things if you go mining, because if you go mining you will get stone, coal, iron, gold, and diamonds. You can craft torches with coal, you can craft armour with leather, iron, gold, diamond. You can also craft tools with them. 

My favourite thing in the game is that there are achievements. Achievements are like missions. For example, “bee are guest”. When you find a bee hive, you can put a campfire below and take their honey with bottles. That is why it is called “Bee are guest”. 

Iresh is showing off his minecraft shirt and the game website.

I like playing Minecraft a lot. It is very fun building houses, getting resources, fighting monsters. You should download this game because I think you will have lot of fun: building portals, houses, machines, getting achievements, and fighting. 

There is a special portal called the stronghold. If you find it and go through, there will be a dragon. Try to defeat it. I killed the dragon, but it killed me hundreds or thousands of times. It is fun playing. 

Bye! See you soon.